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You have seen everything and are in search for the extraordinary? You need an artist that intoxicates and inspires your audience? — Welcome!

Cocos shows blend the mysteries of the Oriental world with contemporary enterteinment. Apart from performing for clients such as Hilton, L'Oréal, BMW, Bayer and E.ON, she also appeared in a number of film and TV productions.

Having studied oriental Bellydance in Europe and the Middle East, Coco now resides in Berlin and enthuses audiences world wide.

Coco will make your event an unforgettable experience.

Middle Eastern Bellydance

The tradition of belly dancing is assumed to date back to ancient times. Its accurate origins are a matter of some controversy in Academia. Bellydance in its contemporary form originated in early 20th century Cairo as a fusion of oriental and occidental styles and has since developed into a vital art form in the Middle East. Today this art is gaining increasing popularity in the western world. Learn more about the history of Bellydance.

Coco's Clients